Frequently Asked Questions


For Your Information

1. Who is the perfect consignee?

If you can't bear the thought of just giving away your items, but you're also not stuck on a firm price, you're an ideal consignment candidate.

2. How does LOLA'S consignment work?

LOLA'S promises to get you a fair amount while also making sure the items are fairly priced for our shoppers. Each item and price are individually negotiated, and shares can fluctuate on a case-by-case basis. We will keep the items on the shop floor for 90 days in most cases, and we will donate them for you if we are unable to sell them. Inquire within or complete our contact form if you have items you'd like to consign. 

3. How does LOLA'S co-op work?

Sellers of interesting and unique goods can rent space from LOLA'S month-to-month to display their wares. Rental space ranges from shelf to square footage — no request is too big or too small. Inquire within or complete our contact form to check availability.

4. Does LOLA'S accept returns?

You will have no buyer's remorse when you shop at LOLA'S! Sorry, but all sales are final. 


For more information or questions not answered here, contact us or inquire within.