LOLA'S Story

Linda Orsuto, proprietor of LOLA'S Menagerie, has always had a keen eye for antiques. Opening a store like LOLA'S has been a long-time dream of hers. When the opportunity presented itself, how did the name LOLA'S Menagerie come about?

Lola Crawford was the mother of one of Linda's dear friends. Linda always adored Lola and shared a special connection with her. Lola was an old soul, who found a kindred spirit in Linda. Lola and her son lived on Broadway in Westville, NJ where Lola worked at the Borough Hall. Since Lola's son owns the building of the shop's first location on Broadway in Westville, what better way to honor Lola's memory than by opening the store in her name?

The name actually serves a dual purpose, though — the second being an acronym for Linda Orsuto Loves Antiques. The Rancocas Village and Ocean City, NJ locations operate under this version of the name, though the inspiration and spirit of Lola Crawford live on.

In many of her endeavors, Linda Orsuto maintains longstanding partnerships and friendships with some of the people closest to her. Linda has been friends with the original co-proprietor of the Westville and Ocean City locations, Cheryl Beatrice-Smola, since 1981. Cheryl is an equal partner in the first two ventures of LOLA'S Menagerie, and she oversees operations and the LOLA'S co-op. 

As Seen in the Burlington County Times


"New Tricks: Westampton Business Owner Helps Yesterday's Treasures Adapt to Today" | Burlington County Times, 6/13/17
Article by Gail T. Boatman, Correspondent | Photos by Carl Kosola, Photojournalist